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I don't claim to be justice

I'll just bring it to you with double barrels

Jill Valentine
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. History .

From a third-party standpoint, little is known about Jill's early life. She received Delta Force training in North Carolina, likely having gone into the military straight out of high school. Here, she learned the majority of the skills that she's best known for: namely, the use of firearms, lock-picking, and bomb disposal. In 1996, she took a job with hometown Raccoon City Police Department's Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) and was assigned to its Alpha Team with the position of Rear Security. She took this transition with the explanation that she wanted to "experience the real meaning of life"--she wanted to see firsthand how she was making a difference, to be on the scene on her own country's soil, protecting the people while among the people.

In 1998, a sudden series of strange murders emerged around Raccoon City. Dubbed "cannibalistic," victims (ranging from individuals to entire families) were torn apart and apparently eaten; a couple of the victims were friends of Jill's, marking the first time this conflict would become personal to her. S.T.A.R.S.' Bravo Team was sent to investigate Raccoon Forest, a site of recent activity, but it soon lost contact with base. Alpha Team was then deployed after them, and along with teammates Chris Redfield and Barry Burton as well as Captain Albert Wesker, Jill engaged and survived the initial onslaught of Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) shortly after touching down. Their other teammates weren't so fortunate. The four found refuge in a nearby mansion only to discover that it was crawling with the same creatures and worse: zombies, transgenic creations, and overgrown, mutated animals covered the place. Working separately, Jill and Chris investigated the mansion, finding most of their Bravo companions dead along the way.

It quickly became obvious that Jill wasn't built by default for dealing with this scenario: upon her first meeting with a zombie, she actually ran from it, retreating back to Barry and allowing him to take it into his own hands. Attacked by another zombie in a bathroom, she kicked its head in to kill it and vomited immediately after. Trapped in a room with a ceiling slowly lowering to crush her, she began to panic, screaming for her teammates and being nearly paralyzed still by the time Barry showed up to save her. At the same time, Jill displayed a stubborn and adamant will towards surviving the longer she went on; poisoned by an enormous snake, she forced herself to trek from one side of the mansion to the other to retrieve the antitoxin. While mature and mentally strong enough to avoid letting emotions get the best of her, she was still heavily impacted by the deaths of her teammates, but pushed on regardless. Even when Richard Aiken sacrificed himself to protect her, Jill still recognized the need for haste and quickly continued on.

The exact details of the ending depend on which scenario is played, but it's nonetheless canon that Jill, specifically, discovered that Barry was being blackmailed into betraying the team by Wesker, who was working for Umbrella, the pharmaceutical company responsible for the virus leak that had created all the zombies and, indirectly, the recent murders. After attempting to release a Tyrant to finish off the rest of the team, Wesker was ironically killed by it. While Chris was surprised and even hinted at feeling some remorse at this, Jill showed nothing of the sort--as soon as she learned of Wesker's true intentions, she turned against him and forsook him as a comrade without a second thought. She didn't even give his corpse a second glance before turning to leave, emphasizing both her realistic viewpoint (Wesker himself admitted his guilt, hurt her, and attempted to kill her; there was no doubting his position) and her low tolerance for crime and treachery, whatever the source. She, Chris, Barry, and Bravo Team rookie Rebecca Chambers then managed to escape the mansion before it self-destructed.

In the weeks after escaping, Chris and Jill attempted to expose Umbrella's crimes, but with Raccoon City largely funded by and under the thumb of the company, and with no evidence to back up their stories, most didn't believe or just wouldn't listen. For their efforts, the lingering remnants of S.T.A.R.S. were officially disbanded. Chris left for Europe to investigate the Umbrella branches there, and after seeing him off, Jill continued her own investigations in Raccoon.

Two months after what was dubbed the Mansion Incident, the virus that had ravaged the household and its underground lab found its way into Raccoon via infected rats. Once it started moving, it didn't stop, and within days most of the city was infected, leaving Jill and a few other survivors stranded in the outbreak. As she searched for a way out, she discovered that she was being stalked by another one of Umbrella's B.O.W.s: titled Nemesis, it had been dispatched into the city to specifically eliminate any remaining S.T.A.R.S. members due to their threat as witnesses. Jill could do nothing but watch its brutal murder of teammate Brad Vickers, but considering its inhuman stamina and strength, she had no choice except to run. During her trek, she met a group of U.B.C.S. soldiers (also deployed by Umbrella, this time to try and save face by rescuing civilians), one of whom was Carlos Oliveira, whom she quickly befriended and cooperated with on and off. This was the first time that Jill was really seen working in a group environment, and against Nicholai Ginovaef especially, another U.B.C.S. operative, she displayed an independent nature despite deciding to cooperate, arguing against his suspicions towards her and ultimately taking what situations she wanted into her own hands by working independently. She also didn't hesitate to protect and assist the other soldiers despite hardly knowing them, reluctant to leave them to fight alone even when they insisted on it. Not once during this game, however, did she display hesitance against the undead, or even any noticeable fear. Just that same will to survive, now hardened into an instinct that, as her catch phrase for the game repeated again and again, refused to let Umbrella take anymore from her.

During one of several confrontations with Nemesis, Jill was injured and subsequently infected with the T-Virus. Despairing over this, she begged Carlos to kill her if she turned--but after assuring that she was safe, Carlos left for the nearby hospital and managed to procure a vaccine for her. Once apparently treated, Jill continued on her way without him, soon after discovering that Nicholai intended to kill her to collect the bounty that Umbrella had placed on her head. After failing, he escaped the city by helicopter, and then following a final fight against Nemesis--or the deformed monstrosity that it had become even beyond its usual form--Jill met with Carlos and the two of them were rescued by Barry's arrival in a helicopter. Together, the three left the city right as it was obliterated by a missile strike--the government's plan to completely eradicate the virus' threat by wiping it, and Raccoon City, off the map.

In the months that followed, Jill and Chris reunited as an anti-Umbrella force dedicated to exposing and taking down what remained of the corporation. Over time, this developed into an anti-bioterrorism unit of their own, and in 2003 they traveled to Russia to sabotage the latest B.O.W. development--Project T-A.L.O.S.--under one of Umbrella's remaining followers. The pair destroyed the monster, marking the end of Umbrella at last. Even with Umbrella dissolved, however, Chris and Jill were determined to stamp out every last remnant of bioterrorism and find Wesker, who had turned up alive and shown himself to Chris a few months after his apparent death. Together with nine others, they founded the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.), an international organization designed to counter and shut down bioterror operations all over the world. During this time, Jill honed her skills all around, her marksman and physical abilities especially: while Chris was always known as the better shot in their S.T.A.R.S. days, Jill's talents with a gun improved nearly to his level, and her close-combat skills became top-of-the-line.

In 2005, about two years after the B.S.A.A.'s initial establishment, Jill was pulled into another bioterrorist plot in Europe. Sent to search for Chris after contact was lost with him over the Mediterranean, she and her partner Parker Luciani discovered a cruise liner adrift at sea. Onboard, they were attacked by a new breed of water-based B.O.W.s; their ensuing investigation revealed the creatures to be the result of yet another new strain of virus, the T-Abyss Virus, which now appeared to have fallen into the hands of Il Veltro, a bioterrorist group responsible for a large-scale outbreak the year before. Ultimately, Veltro's resurrection proved to be a ploy constructed by the director of the B.S.A.A., Clive O'Brian, to gather evidence against Morgan Lansdale, head of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission (F.B.C.) and previous co-conspirator in Veltro's attack on the city of Terragrigia. Together, Jill and Chris fought and survived Lansdale's attempts to bury them along with his secrets, and then confronted Veltro's infected leader, Jack Norman, in a fight to the death. Procuring the evidence against Lansdale, the pair effectively disassembled the F.B.C. and saved the B.S.A.A., strengthening the latter's numbers as well as its legal standing. Soon after, the B.S.A.A. was recognized as a deployable force with U.N.-granted authority (only in certain countries) rather than just the observer and advisor it had served as previously.

In their time together since 1998, Chris and Jill grew considerably closer both professionally and personally. Constantly working together, sharing the same goals and dreams of a bioterrorism-free world, they came to trust each other with their lives, developing an unspoken relationship that, while never verging into the romantic (beyond occasional hints), was undoubtedly a mutual love and respect that they'd only ever shared with few others. This bond between them was never so obvious as the fateful night in 2006: having received intel on the location of Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer, Chris and Jill pursued him, hoping to discover a lead on Wesker. After trudging through his trap-ridden and monster-filled mansion, they actually found Spencer dead--at Wesker's feet. The three engaged in a two-on-one fight, but Wesker's virus-granted superhuman strength and speed were too much for even the two of them. Momentarily stunned and separated from her gun, Jill saw that Wesker was seconds away from killing a pinned Chris; acting on pure emotion for the first time in her career, Jill threw herself at Wesker, knocking him away from her partner and out of the nearby window--and going down with him.

Instead of plummeting to her death, however, Jill barely managed to survive the drop. Severely wounded, she would have died if left there, but Wesker had also survived--and, taking Jill, he actually saved her life by treating her injuries with the intention of using her as his first test subject for the newly created Uroboros Virus, leaving Chris, the B.S.A.A., and the rest of the world to assume her dead. During this period, however, the monitoring machinery that Jill was hooked up to picked up on an abnormality in her body; being placed in cryogenic sleep had actually reactivated the dormant T-Virus in her system. Rather than destroying it, the vaccine she'd received in Raccoon had only forced the virus into latency, and in the eight years since then her immune system had actually developed an antibody against it, effectively eradicating the last traces that now tried to reanimate. Seeing the potential in this, Wesker didn't infect or even kill her. His Uroboros Virus, which he intended to use to "evolve" select members of the human race into something better, had an unnaturally high mortality rate. Containing a strain of the T-Virus, however, it was potentially susceptible to Jill's antibodies. In the end, Wesker kept her alive to extract those antibodies and mix them with Uroboros, thus making it less lethal.

Given her physical value, Wesker couldn't kill her. Instead, he eventually found another use: a new strain of virus had been developed, dubbed "P30." When administered to a human subject, it granted superhuman strength, speed, and allowed the subject to be completely controlled by the one giving the virus. The one drawback was that the human body metabolized it at a swift rate, meaning the dosage had to be given frequently to prevent the host from regaining control. Wesker countered this by attaching a device to Jill's chest that would continue to pump P30 into her system at regular intervals, thus constantly keeping her will subdued. She was the one and only case of P30 study.

Completely under Wesker's control, Jill--conscious the entire time but unable to fight back--served any and every purpose he came up with. Often a bodyguard to one of Wesker's connections, she also handled dealings with black market salesmen, went as a go-between where necessary, and even helped to spread Uroboros by infecting civilians in Kijuju, the location of Wesker's latest headquarters, as well as anyone else she was ordered to. Jill was quite literally forced to watch as she killed innocent people with the bioweapon that her own blood had helped to create, her virus-created persona ignoring pleas for mercy that she herself would never forget.

In 2009, three years after her captivity began, Jill met Chris again for the first time since the Estate. Disguised at the time, he didn't recognize her until Wesker intentionally revealed her face to him, and then Jill--the virus controlling her--fought alongside Wesker against Chris and his new partner, Sheva. The latter pair was hopelessly outmatched, but Chris eventually managed to get through to Jill by talking to her even as she attacked him. In a display nothing short of marvelous, Jill finally began to resist the virus' influence, but Wesker only increased its hold on her before leaving her alone with their opponents--either to kill Chris and Sheva herself, or to force Chris to kill her. In the ensuing battle, Chris and Sheva at last managed to rip the device off of Jill's chest and free her; despite Chris' stubborn refusal to abandon her, Jill eventually convinced him to leave her behind and stop Wesker, insisting that he forget about her and focus on the bigger threat. In spite of all that she'd been through, Jill's core personality hadn't changed in the slightest: she thought only of saving the world and putting an end to the last of Umbrella's lingering horrors, disregarding her own personal predicament and even managing to keep from passing out until after Chris had gone. Jill was soon woken by Josh Stone, captain of one of the B.S.A.A.'s West African branch teams and one of the few survivors of those dispatched into the area. Even so shortly after being freed from Wesker, Jill was able to joke and lightly flirt with Josh, again emphasizing her optimistic personality. It simply wasn't--and never had been--in her character to stay down for long, and not even Wesker and his torture could beat that out of her. Together, she and Josh fought their way through the Tricell facility, with Jill contacting Chris along the way to reveal Wesker's one weakness to him. They were soon rescued by one of Josh's comrades, but lost him in the process. Josh piloted the helicopter to where Chris and Sheva were battling Wesker, and Jill, still exhausted, supplied them with the rocket launchers necessary to deal the finishing blow. With Wesker dead, the four of them flew off into the new dawn.

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. Statistics .

Name: Jill Valentine

Series: Resident Evil

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian

Age: 35

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Blood type: B

Weaponry: More than you wanna risk messing with

Living with: John Constantine; their cat, Tiger

Canon Point: The end of RE5

. Personality .

As a more or less typical agent of justice, Jill is dedicated to protecting the innocent by way of taking down the guilty. She can't stand those who hurt others for selfish gain and will do everything in her power to put a stop to violent crime; this viewpoint has led her to develop a deep hatred for terrorism -- specifically bioterrorism -- and those who use it to achieve their ends. She has no objection to using force against or killing terrorists who won't go easily, and is nothing less than dedicated and even stubborn when it comes to her objective. With a past of facing the undead, some of which were once her friends, she's come to understand that a soft heart doesn't always have a place on the battlefield. While she's not callous, she knows what must be done for survival, and killing those who are beyond saving is a trial she's faced again and again in her life to the point where she no longer hesitates.

Level-headed, rational, and unafraid to speak her mind, she's particularly known for staying calm in intense situations. This has resulted in an independent personality that, when mixed with her abilities, makes her more than capable on her own, but Jill still recognizes the importance of teamwork and rarely acts alone in her career when it can be helped. She values her comrades highly, professionally respecting their opinions and authority while at the same time caring for them on a personal level, and doesn't hesitate to put her life at risk to protect those important to her.

Despite her serious dedication to her long fight against terrorism, Jill is outgoing, generally warm, and possesses a sense of humor in the right time and place. Usually optimistic, she's capable of pushing aside her own feelings -- or hiding them -- for the sake of a companion, and rarely hesitates to force a needed smile in dark circumstances. Oftentimes a trusting individual, she's also of the mindset that you can't always choose your friends; survival and fighting the good fight come before pride, and she'll cooperate with whomever necessary to get things done.

For all her training and professional, almost semi-stoic personality, she does have a couple sensitive areas: the three years' worth of memory from her enslavement and -- to give that time frame a name -- Albert Wesker. Although positively guilt-ridden and grief-stricken over what she was made to do under the effects of the P30 virus, Jill won't necessarily shy away from the subject; while she knows deep down that she couldn't have done anything to stop herself, she still feels that she has no right to hide her sins and doesn't make any effort to do so. She's at the point where she can and will talk about it, the circumstances willing, but just how much she'll reveal depends on necessity -- and the listener.

Wesker as a topic isn't something she'll avoid or even show much more dislike towards than she would have prior to her abduction. Wesker himself, however, is enough to make this otherwise composed woman all but snap in her own way: she's prone to acting on emotion -- that emotion being absolute contempt and utter loathing -- even to the point of irrationality. Wesker has taken more from her in the last eleven years than any human should ever have the right to take from another, and Jill's hatred for him has reached an all-time high because of it in addition to his position as a terrorist. As personal as her hatred is, however, she isn't afraid of him by any stretch of the imagination -- if anything, after being his favorite puppet for three years straight, she feels there's nothing in his image left to fear.

Simply put, she absolutely cannot stand the bastard, and his presence alone gets under her skin like nothing else can. This suggests in a way that he continues to maintain a kind of dominance over her life even after her escape from P30.

Kind soul though Jill Valentine is, Wesker can bring out the worst in her towards himself -- and he's the one person she'll never possess even a shred of pity or mercy towards.

. Appearance .

At five feet, eight inches -- ten in heels -- and one-hundred-twenty pounds, Jill's slender, but she's also obviously very fit. Once tanned and a natural brunette, she's now extremely fair-skinned as a result of her time spent in cryogenic suspension. Her hair, also altered during cryostasis to a light blonde, has since been returned to its original color. She has an uneven pattern of pinpoint scars just below her collarbone, with one on either side a little further out. She retains a scar on the front and back of her right shoulder from her wound from Nemesis, as well as a couple on her torso from the fall from the Spencer Estate.

. Abilities .

Jill has trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, more for the purpose of self-defense than direct engagement; in her S.T.A.R.S. days, she was able to disarm a man twice her size and turn his own gun on him. She's only improved since, now possessing top of the line agility, reflexes, flexibility, and fighting ability. She's trained to use a wide variety of firearms as well as a combat knife, can pick all but the most difficult types of locks, and is knowledgeable in bomb disposal, basic first-aid skills, and a variety of computer and electronic systems. She also carries the only known immunity to the T-Virus due to the antibodies that her system developed against the dormant infection in her body.

Character (C) Capcom, played by its_game_time

Layout profile by nutty_musings; screenshots/renders (C) Capcom

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